It’s A Chair Thing: Part 2

Since July, I have been looking at this scene, trying to decide how to proceed.

I have had various thoughts about this work; what material to make the main body, should I incorporate the ‘creepy legs’ which were in my original sketch, and how do I ensure it doesn’t end up looking like upholstery.

The influences behind this are the relationship between myself and my two sisters, magic shows and mind readers but also on another level there are echos of Gaudi and the beautiful vaulted ceilings of The Pedrera.

I want the piece to be anthropomorphic in some way so played with adding various pieces of clothing to the ‘shoulders’ of the chairs.

I have in my clothing archive a 1930’s shirt front which I found in the flea market at Porte De Vanves in Paris which fitted perfectly over the chair and was the only addition to the sculpture that I still thought interesting after a few month’s consideration.

I  have not yet resolved the use of red patent leather after my first piece of work ‘Ercol Easy Jodphur’ and I still it very alluring so I decided that I should continue to use it for this piece.

The following images are of the work in progress. It is slowly coming together and I am now clearer bout how this will look when it is finished.

Getting the correct ‘fit’ over the chairs is causing some problems at the moment. The collection of chairs I have all look the same, but have been produced in different factories over three decades so the measurements vary from chair to chair.
The ‘shirt’ will be made from white leather and grow out of the right hand chair.
There are still a few more decisions to be made about additions final piece but they will probably be decided on at the next or final stage of making.
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