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Photography As Research I

Tribute to Gursky, Lagos 2011 Sian-Kate Mooney Advertisements

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ArToll Part I

I felt I was a strong position when I arrived at ArToll in March 2012 for a two week residency under the title of ‘Directional Forces 2012’ with other Professional Doctorate students and International artists.  I had not had much … Continue reading

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The Blanket Series

This gallery contains 6 photos.

October 2011, inspired by finding two Edwardian plaster cast models of ham in a flea market and some old cream and pink wool blankets, I began to work on the idea of creating ‘meat’  from patch-working fabric together. The desire … Continue reading

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Fashion Road-Dialogue Across Borders/ Armenia

In May 2011, The British Council asked me to be a consultant for the Fashion Road project which brought together fashion designers from five European Countries to collaborate with five young Armenian designers. The end product was to be a … Continue reading

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The Miniature Becomes Gigantic’ presenting ‘The Abject’

At the Work In Progress exhibition (images in previous post) artist Sarah Taylor asked me the question ‘Where is the abject?‘ This led me to look at the works by the artists that interested me with a different critical stance. I … Continue reading

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As David Bowie said ‘Oh No Not Again’…

Thank you WordPress for losing my last two attempts at updating my blog! It’s probably for this reason (among a few) that I had lost patience however here I am, back with extra resolve and a big reminder to myself … Continue reading

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Film Sketches from Susak

Whilst on Susak I visited a tiny museum in the old town dedicated to the traditional dress of the island. Each of the Croatian islands have a completely different style of dress, the Susak tradition is one of vibrant colour, … Continue reading

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